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All World Insects: Palearctic And Tropical Regions


Dear entomologists, collectors, specialists and amateurs!

We offer a great number of different insect species from many countries of America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe.

Especially rich diversity of species with good prices are presented from the ex - USSR territories (Russia, Siberia, Far East, Altay Mts., Sayan Mts., Kirghizstan, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc.).

All specimens are dried, placed in paper triangles (butterflies) or on cardboard square bits under cellophane (beetles), have collecting data indicated.


The quality of offered specimens is A1 (perfect).


All prices in the catalogue are in US$.


Info about possible discounts for wholesalers can be required separately. Please contact us.

Discounts are possible when wholesale purchasing ! For example : 20 males of Anthocharis cardamines cardamines - US$ 20.0 !!!

Contact information

We look for contacts with suppliers, dealers, traders, collectors, living in Peru, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Madagascar, Africa, New Guinea, other tropical countries and with Butterfly Farms for buying insects.

We are also interested in exchange for insects from different countries.

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